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   1.  Introductions

Vietnam Gas Detector One Member (VNGD) was established on October 16, 2014 as an agent authorized by Riken Keiki (Japan) in Vietnam, specializing in gas detector and monitoring equipment. These products are researched and developed with their long life and reliability to prevent industrial disasters such as explosions caused by combustible gases and monitoring for toxic gas leakage in working enviroments. 

Established in 1939, RIKEN KEIKI is well- known as the biggest manufacturer of gas detection and monitoring equipment, ulitizing scientific knowledge from the institute. The products of RIKEN KEIKI has strong recognition and credibility worldwide for so many years and when introduced in Vietnam since 2006, RIKEN KEIKI has gradually asserted their trademark of gas detectors as well as the best after-sales service in Vietnam.

With the goal of giving facility for working enviroments, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with a complete range of smarter, safer gas detector solutions and services.

“Your safety is our success”



   2.  Organizational chart

   3.  Contact information

Company name               : Vietnam Gas Detector One Member Co., Ltd.

Tax code                         : 0312975474

Address                           : 79 Ly Chinh Thang Stress, Ward 8, District 3, HCMC

Phone                             : +84. 8 3526 2986

Fax                                 : +84. 8 3526 2980

Email                              :

Website                          :




   1.  The list of customer sectors

  • Refining, Petrochemicals
  • Water treatment
  • Exploitation of coal and minerals
  • Marine Transportation
  • Gas Factory, gas supply station
  • The generator factory

   2.  Product list

  • Portable gas detector: GX-2001, GX-2009, GX-2003, GX-2012, RX-516, RX-415, NP-237H, OX-227, OX-226, RX-415, SC-90, OX-07, GP-01, GX-111, GX-8000, RX-8000, FI-21, GH-202F.
  • Fixed gas detector: GD-A8, GD-A8Ki, RM-5003-SD-1GP, GD-D58 AC, GH-571A-GD-A8V, OX-5000, GP-571A/GD-A8-16, GP-571A/GD-D8-56, OX-571A/GD-F8D, GH-573A/GD-70D, GP-6001-A8.

   3.  Some pictures of calibration work

  • Guidance and calibration the GX-2009 at customer’s company

  • Calibration fixed system:



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