Vietnam has an important maritime geographic location, where many maritime routes passing through and being attractive destination for many countries, so the potential shipbuilding market is enormous. Therefore, the cooperation in the field of shipbuilding, shipbuilding technology has extremely important meaning. Vietship is held once every 2 years, which has the largest and oldest in the history of Vietnam. Since the first time being held in 2002, Vietship has become a meeting place and showcase the advanced technologies of  in the region as well as in the world in shipbuilding and ship repairing, marine equipment, shipping services maritime and inland waterways, offshore marine engineering ...

This year, the exhibition held in Hanoi from 24 to 26/02/2016, attracted 130 units, enterprises participating (52 companies in Vietnam and 78 foreign companies) with a total of 220 booths from 15 countries in the world shipbuilding industry and maritime development, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, USA, France, UK, Finland, Denmark, Korea, Norway, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

This year, Vietnam Gas Detector One member Co., Ltd brings to exhibition the combustible, oxygen and toxic gas detectors manufactured by Riken Keiki (Japan). These products in order to ensure the safety of the ship, the crewmen and cargo on the board. The gas detector of Riken Keiki was trusted and widely used in the world shipbuilding industry for the newest vessel recently. At present, these products still achieved absolutely trust from customers all over the world.

We believe that with the continuous development of Vietnam's shipbuilding industry, the Riken Keiki’s products represented by us in Vietnam will contribute to increase the reliability and safety for the long journey of the newly built ship by Vietnam.

Some photos:

Quang cảnh Vietship 2016

Vietship 2016.


Exhibitors at Vietship 2016


To figure out the demand of gas detector from customers


To advice about gas monitoring systems


Customers listen to the presentation features of portable gas detectors


The partners from Singapore figure out cooperation opportunities for integrated fire alarm system


To be interested in from European customers


Special attention from director of Vietnam Coast Guard

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