1. What is confined space?

Confined space are places where space is limited and employees work; are working places with inadequate or excess air, toxic gases or inflammables; Where the outlet is rarely incidents, such as piping systems, holes, storage devices ...

Working in confined spaces is one of the most dangerous jobs and leads to the highest rate of occupational accidents. Every year, many workers are injured and killed while working in confined spaces. An estimated only 60% of risk cases are rescued. Limited workspaces are more dangerous than regular workspaces for a variety of reasons. Every year in Vietnam, many fatal accidents occur with construction workers in confined spaces, have not been thoroughly tested for safety and lack of safety equipment and tools. assist. In many cases, tragedies have resulted in tragic consequences for both people in need of emergency and people involved in rescue.

2.  National regulations and standards on labor safety when working in confined spaces

This regulation stipulates the requirements for labor safety for people working in confined spaces, which was issued by the Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs under Circular No. 29/2018 / TT-BLĐTBXH dated December 25. in 2018, after getting the appraisal opinion of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


Details of the regulation:



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