Riken Keiki’s gas detections are designed to measure and display from 1 to 6 gases (oxygen, CO, H2S, CO2, SO2 or NO2, or VOC...) at the same time, depending on specific requirements. With the design of smaller size and lighter weight (130g) compared to other gas detection manufacturers in the world, our products are very convenient for use. The equipment is equiped with alarm and can be installed accordance with the requirements of customers. Simple operation from 2-4 buttons. The spare parts can be replaced with the short time at low cost.

Máy đo khí GX-2009 của Hãng Riken Keiki

Mr. Cao Minh Loi, General Director of Vietnam Gas Detector said, when the safety of employees in workplace environments is increasingly interested in, businesses in Vietnam has paid more attention to equip the equipments and machinery to insure the safety working environments for people. Riken Keiki’s products are known worldwide for their long life and reliability and are certified by international organizations such as ATEX standards, IECEX, CE ...

With the warranty period up to 24 months, with in-depth knowledge and considerable experience sales and after sales service, trained and certified by Riken Keiki. Vietnam Gas Detector is committed to provide high quality gas detection and services to help ensure safety from industrial disasters.

According to Mr. Loi, from Mar 29 to Mar 31, 2016 at the International Center for Exhibition (ICE), Cultural Palace, Hanoi will take place the 3rd edition of Mining Vietnam. In this exhibition, Vietnam Gas Detector will introduce proprietary gas detection and monitoring equipment and various gas sensors to monitor for work space and facility safety in workplace environments.

Riken Keiki’s gas detection are widely known throughout the world for many years. At the Vietnamese market, its market share has been increasingly expanded and more and more businesses trust and use our products. With the slogan "Your Safety is our success", Vietnam Gas Detector always take customer satisfaction as a measure for our success.

Hồng Sơn

(Source Báo Đầu Tư online)

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